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In search of perfect parking place

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webmaster | 12/26/13

You could tell who was having Christmas parties in our neighborhood the past week, because their guests’ cars had taken up all the good parking places. There is nothing wrong with that, of course. What are parking places for, after all? If we didn’t park in them, it would be a terrible waste. And, when the parties were over, the guests would drive away, leaving the good parking places open for the next party.

You might ask: “What constitutes a good parking place?” And I might answer (if I felt like it) “A good parking place is one in front of the place where you are going, and that doesn’t block a driveway or a fire hydrant.” In other words, a parking place in front of a neighbor’s house isn’t so good, and so forth, the farther down the block you have to park. If one must walk two or three blocks from a parking place, one has found an awful parking place indeed, even though it might be very good in every other respect.

People are inclined to park as close as they can to wherever they are going. On Monday, I was in the parking lot of one of our local markets, and found myself behind this car which was waiting for another car to back out of a parking place that was only about three steps from the market’s front door.

The person backing out seemed to be waiting for the person who was waiting for the parking space to go past her so she could finish backing out. The two motorists began to gesture at each other. Suddenly the car in front of me began to roll backwards — toward my car. I honked. The driver in front of me gestured at me as if wanting me to drive backwards, too. But I couldn’t. Somebody was behind me.

Eventually, it got all sorted out. The driver who was in the parking place apparently changed her mind. She drove back into the space, turned off the car and sat there, much to the chagrin of the motorist in front of me, who finally drove away in search of another good parking place.

Which led me to recall something I had heard many years ago: “Wherever you go, all the best parking places already will be taken.” I have seen nothing to contradict that.


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