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Roasty-toasty vegetables

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webmaster | 03/06/13

Spring may be in the air, but it isn’t consistently warm yet. I am still hanging on to a lot of my cold-weather favorites, such as roasted vegetables, and different ways they can be served.

I love roasted carrots, potatoes, different types of squash, parsnips, turnips, beets, rutabaga, onions, mushrooms, all colors of bell peppers, even eggplant and garlic. You can probably roast any of your own favorite vegetables. Throw in some broccoli and cauliflower or Brussels sprouts if you like.

I have found that even people who claim to dislike all vegetables are prone to being delightfully surprised at how sweet and tasty veggies can be when roasted. It tends to caramelize them and brings out a special flavor that is not present when they are steamed, fried or boiled. Caramelization does occur to some degree when stir-frying, if you are careful to keep them from burning (hence the word “stir”).

The trick to roasting vegetables is to have them cut into pieces that are similar in size. Let’s visit the farmhouse root cellar and see what we can find down there. (Okay, just pretend and humor me!) My grandparents had a similar cellar at their farmhouse, but I confess I was so involved in checking for spiders and webs, I barely noticed anything else down there...


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