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Republicat mournful, Dogocrat ecstatic

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webmaster | 11/10/12

The cat from whom we rent our house (at the rate of two bowls of kibble a day and all the water she can drink) has been very morose the past three days, and I think it is a good indication she decided to vote Republicat.

As you may know, the Republicats lost. They lost the presidency, they got whipped in the Senate, and they even got kicked around a little in the House. As you know, the Republicats are the party of the Right. Which makes sense, because the cat thinks she always is right regardless what the rest of us believe.

The dog, on the other hand, has been more than her usual ebullient self. She is a Dogocrat, and she has been running around happily the last couple of days, barking and jumping up on people and things. She is a natural Dogocrat, because she has a very short attention span. For example, she will be following me along in the yard, but when she spots the cat lurking in the bushes, she will stop what she’s doing and head straight for the cat, who wants nothing more than to be left alone and for the Dogocrat to shut up the barking. That, too, is very Republicat-like.

The Dog, on the other hand, wants to bark at everybody to tell them how good she’s feeling that the Dogocrats had such a fine outcome in the election, to let folks know what she’s doing, and how happy she is that the cat and her crowd didn’t win. Just like a Dogocrat.

The cat, on the other hand, would like to lie quietly in the sun for a while and let her soul heal. If by chance she should see a bluejay, and be able to stalk it a while, the more the better. But if the dog spots the bird while it’s being stalked, the dog will bark and scare it away. Another insult to the cat.

I’m sure they’ll both get over the election before long and get back on with their normal lives. I sure hope so. The backyard needs some peace and quiet for a change.


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