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Reflections on the person in the mirror

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webmaster | 07/13/13

How often do you look in the mirror? If you are like me, you probably don’t count all the times. And besides, you probably have better things to do than count how many times a day you see yourself and think, “Well, there’s somebody I’d like to spend more time with.”

I look in a mirror every morning when I shave, and it often isn’t a pleasant experience. Like a lot of folks, I don’t look all that good before my second cup of coffee. I look like Sasquatch. I’ve never seen Sasquatch, but a lot of people who have seen him say he is ugly. That term describes me in the morning.

I would avoid the mirror in the mornings, but I can’t unless I go back to bed and sleep until noon. And even that doesn’t help much. If anything, when I’ve slept until noon, I look worse. Sasquatch would run away then if he saw me.

Mirrors are everywhere. You can see yourself reflected in store windows. You can grab a gander at yourself in the rear-view mirror of your car. Opportunities for self-reflection abound.

“Look at that gal,” a woman might think when she sees her reflection. “She’s not a bad-looking babe.”

Or, as I generally say when I see myself reflected in a store window as I walk down a street: “That Sasquatch-looking guy should lose five pounds.”

I’ll tell you a little secret: I enjoy looking at myself in a mirror, or store window or whatever reflective surface happens to be handy. I also tend to be critical of what I see — but not too critical. If I were really critical, for example, I would lose the five pounds.

An actor applying makeup needs to spend a lot of time looking in a mirror so he or she can change the way he or she looks. That makes sense.

Most of us, however, don’t keep mirrors on our desks so that we can sneak a peek whenever we want to. It would be too distracting. And, in my case, too depressing. Besides, I never wear makeup.


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