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Readers defend, support prior comments

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webmaster | 03/04/14

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  • A woman defended a previous Red Line contributor who wished the county would deport undocumented immigrant students. “He was harsh in saying they should be put out of town, but they should be made legal so their parents can pay taxes like everyone else. It would do them good and it would do us good.”
  • A caller posed “a rhetorical question” about the ethnic diversity of the local area. “I’m looking at ‘Madera County at Work’ (feature) on the front page of The Madera Tribune,” he said. “I look at that every day. Do we have anybody working in this Madera area with the last name Jones, Smith, Williams or Brown? That’s all.”
  • A reader called to explain the motivations behind Red Line comments regarding undocumented immigrants. “We are tired of people crying racism about their nationality,” she said. “The simple truth is if you are here illegally you are breaking the law, no matter what nationality you are. If you’re here legally, then welcome. Otherwise you should not be here receiving benefits. It’s all about following laws that are in place and the government enforcing these laws. They don’t, so what can be done? It’s too far out of control and people resent it.”
  • A male caller said, “Lt. Gov. [Gavin] Newsom has issued a statement that he’s opposing the high-speed rail (project). This man is well known in San Francisco and is well acquainted with (where) big money lies. If he’s against it, then you imagine what the situation is. It means no smart money is going into the rail job that’s going to cost $100 billion. Just think about it. The lieutenant governor is against it.”
  • A caller expressed her outrage over the plan to replace Sno-White Drive-in with a liquor store. The owner of the property later abandoned the plan, which had been approved by the local planning commission. “We don’t need another liquor store where people are out in the streets begging. We need an establishment that has been remodeled and can serve the community around it … what they should be concerned about ... is (wasting) water. ... What is the matter with the planning commission? They already tore down the Madera Theater. ... (With State Route) 99 and Cleveland (Avenue), they should have made an overpass. But no, they messed it all up. I’m so sick of these Madera people (in government) who are Johnny-come-latelies. Let’s get together and get rid of them.”
  • A woman shared her skepticism about recent local drought efforts. “Water restrictions — what a joke. Same old rules as last year. No one needs to water three times a week, and after a rain no one should be watering anything for at least a month or more. We’re in a drought. Why don’t those bozos on the city council wake up? Well, Mother Nature will eventually wake everyone up. But until then maybe we can raise the rates high enough to get some of these people to quit planting all the grass. We are in a desert and a drought.”
  • A man echoed a woman’s prior words in the Red Line about Madera. He said, “She complained about massive amounts of garbage piled high in the yards, empty lots used as dumps, multiple junk, rusty cars, shopping carts, and dogs running wild. And I agree with this woman. I’m not sure about the farm animals in the City of Madera. This situation could be helped if city officials made it known that phone number 661-5115, extension 475, is available to call in and report where these situations exist so they can be taken care of.”
  • A woman shared her unease with the lack of administrators when days end at Thomas Jefferson Middle School. “My child has never been to a school where there are no administrators, especially at the end of the day when kids are being let out. Fights could occur. What is their staff supposed to do if there was a bomb threat or more fights? No administrator, no vice principal, no principal — no one was around. I don’t know whose fault it is but something needs to be done.”

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