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Preparing for a trip is stressful

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webmaster | 08/11/12

Getting ready for a trip out of town — even a quick one — is a considerable source of stress. You have to take your home with you, even if only for an overnight stay.

This is especially true if one plans to billet with a relative. One has to take things one usually has at hand — things such as a robe, slippers, pajamas, and all one’s shaving, showering and dressing products so one doesn’t have to step out of the bathroom to ask whether one can borrow the host’s deodorant, or shaving cream, or toothpaste.

I often forget toothpaste when we travel. I also forget to take a toothbrush. When staying at a hotel one usually can buy toothpaste and a toothbrush, but it’s hard to ask your host for either. Such asking sets up an unwanted confrontation.

Here is how it works:

Traveller to host: “I forgot my toothbrush. Do you have one I can borrow? And also, do you have any toothpaste?”

Host to Traveller: “Er ... uh ... let me look in the drawer. I think I may have something the dentist gave me in a plastic bag.”

Host moves things around in a drawer in the bathroom. Host: “Ahhh. Here’s something that might help.”

The host hands over a toothbrush that looks like it has seen better days ... much better days.

Host: “Oh, maybe this won’t work. I think it’s one I used on the dog. You know, you are supposed to brush your dog’s teeth, but they don’t particularly like it, unless you use toothpaste that tastes like dogfood.”

The host pulls out a tube of toothpaste from the drawer.

Host: “Here. Smell this. Does it smell like dogfood to you?”

By this time, one is beginning to not want to brush one’s teeth at all. Or to travel.

It might be better to stay home, lie on the couch, read and take naps.


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