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Precious gifts

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webmaster | 05/18/13

On Tuesday, I helped a dear friend bury her husband. Mom always favored that euphemism, not attended a funeral but helped someone bury a loved one.

His name was Lonnie Merriman. His wife Carolyn Pietz has been my friend since I was in high school and she was in grade school. Lonnie had a long, ugly battle with cancer. The in-home hospice care and his family allowed him to transition to the great beyond from the comfort of his own bed.

There are many ways a person can die. Accidents and mishaps can bring death in an instant. It is rarely pretty. Slow death by illness is not attractive either.

When a family lets a loved one die at home, they are giving a very precious gift. Anyone who has ever spent a lot of time in the hospital knows how it feels to just want to go home...


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