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A polluted mind cannot bring true happiness

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webmaster | 05/02/14

“When ye make your sons pass through the fire, ye pollute yourself with all your idols, even unto this day.”
— Ezekiel 23:31

There are those who understand and use positive thoughts to live a life of happiness. Then there are those who pollute their minds with negative thoughts and wonder why things in their life seem to be upside down in all they try to undertake to make life enjoyable. Most of those people do not realize they have negative thoughts because those kinds of thoughts were always a part of their life while growing up.

Most all of us experienced anger, resentment, jealousy, lies about others, intention to hurt others and many other negative acts while we were growing up. That information came from our parents, teachers, siblings, and even some of the churches who taught their way was the only way to serve God.

I think back about how great it was to be raised in a home where the Golden Rule always came first in any action taken on whatever the situation might have been. With 12 people in the family and all of us working together on a small farm, there wasn’t much time for any of us to dwell on negative acts that would cause problems for anyone...


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