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Pickin’ and singing

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webmaster | 12/05/12

Pickin’ nits. Maybe, but I try not to do any shopping this time of year in a store that doesn’t at least have one sign that says Merry Christmas. Not Merry Xmas, or Happy Holidays, but just simply Merry Christmas. Even if my shopping entails getting gifts for my gal’s birthday, our anniversary and then finally Christmas all coming up in a couple of weeks I must see “Merry Christmas.”

+ + +

Surviving until next year. Or at least until Dec. 21, when the Mayans (are there any Mayans left?) say the world is coming to an end. Obviously, the Mayans didn’t know anything about the good tidings and cheer of Christmas or else their calendar would read our demise happening on Dec. 26, or 27.

+ + +

More survival tips. People: please! With fog season here, please turn on your headlights. Yours truly pulled out in front of a white car early yesterday because it didn’t have its headlights on. I stomped on the gas, did a neat rear wheel slide (Steve McQueen in “Bullitt” would have been proud) and listened to the other driver’s brakes as he squealed past, in a near miss.

Now I’m going to check, but without his lights on that driver would have been totally at fault for hitting my vehicle. And worse, if you drive without your lights on a foggy day and hit and kill someone how would you feel? Especially if the law hits you with a vehicular manslaughter charge. So, again, please turn on your lights. I need to keep as many readers as I can...


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