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benf | 04/25/14

“No man can produce great things who is not thoroughly sincere in dealing with himself.” — James Russell Lowell

Several years ago, while working as a mechanic on construction equipment, I always had the radio in my truck on a station that played country western music, gospel music, and programs interviewing singer-songwriters. One day the announcer was talking about an interview he had with Hank Williams and Hank told him that most of the songs he had written didn’t take more than fifteen minutes because as he thought about the message in the song, the words just kept flowing while he was writing them down. The thoughts we get and the action we take on those thoughts is the Creative Intelligence of the Universe (God) expressing Itself through our own mind because our mind is an extension of the One Mind I know as God.

I remember hearing an interview with a gospel singer, Stewart Hamilton, and he told the story about a hunting trip he and a couple of his friends were on in the high country of the Rocky Mountains. He told about coming upon a log cabin in the woods and it seemed someone was living in the cabin. They knocked on the door to let the people know they would be hunting in the area and for them not to get excited if they heard gunfire. No one answered their knock but the door was open a couple of inches so they pushed it open and entered the cabin to find a very old man sitting on a chair, dead. Stewart said he looked around inside the cabin to try to find out who this person might be so he could contact some of his relatives. When he didn’t find anything to identify the man, he walked outside to gather his thoughts about what he should do and the words to one of his songs came to his mind and he wrote them down on a pad of paper he said he always carried with him.

When returning from the hunting trip he put the music notes to the words and recorded a song, most people my age remember, which was “This Old House.” Stewart said it took him about ten minutes to write the words to the song because the words kept coming faster than he could hardly write them down. Some of the great authors of essays and books have made comments about their hands having been guided to write things that have changed lives of many at the time it was written and continued to make a difference in lives a hundred or more years later.

One of those authors was Ralph Waldo Emerson who gave a lecture and then wrote an essay on “Self Reliance.” That lecture was given well over a hundred years ago and is still making a difference today because of the wording and the meaning people get from the essay. That essay can be found in about 25 different languages worldwide…


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