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Options in Crimea are few

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webmaster | 03/07/14

President Obama is taking a lot of criticism for his reaction to the Russian occupation of Crimea. That reaction has included a lot of veiled threats, but not much else. But maybe all he can do is express angst, under the circumstances.

We certainly wouldn’t want the Marines parachuting in to put things right — whatever right may be in this case.

We wouldn’t want to send the fleet to lurk off the Crimean shore.

We have no claims on Crimea. They are not our allies any more than the Russians are. Technically, they are Ukranians, and while we would like to continue our friendship with the Ukraine, running Russian troops out of Crimea wouldn’t be in our best interests.

Sending Secretary of State John Kerry over to the Ukraine to fuss and fume about the Russian actions may have been a good move. The Russians have Kerry sized up pretty well — all helmet and no tank.

That’s because the Russians have spies, and they watch CNN, and they know the last thing Obama wants is to get into any kind of military confrontation. He is busy getting the U.S. out of military confrontation, bringing the troops home and giving a lot of them pink slips. He also wants to mothball a good part of the Navy. People who know about these things say the forces will be reduced to where they were before World War II, and we know what that led to.

Obama and other allies have hurled threats at the Russians over the situation in Syria, but the Russians have paid no price for their support of the Syrian dictator Bashar Assad, who kills more of his own people every day as that country’s civil war goes on.

Compared to Syria, the situation in Crimea is more like a family reunion. We may not like the fact it is going on, but there’s really nothing we can do about it.


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