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Obamacare foes’ commonalities

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webmaster | 10/08/13

The Republicans have been trying to kill Obamacare over the past many months, to no avail. Obama just ignores them. Perhaps they should see whether they can side with a group to which Obama might listen. This group, like the Republicans, believes Obamacare is too expensive, that it won’t work very well and that it might very well make healthcare worse in the United States.

Who is this bunch? The liberals of San Francisco and other leftie cities, of course.

You might immediately ask, “Why would left-wingers side with the Republicans, or vice versa? Are they disgusted with all the computer glitches that have been occuring during the rollout? Well, not exactly. The computer glitches eventually will be ironed out, these lefties say, just as computer glitches usually are. Rather they believe, as many Republicans also are convinced, that Obamacare is a political pie that was baked too long after being thrown together with too many ingredients by people who had no idea what they were cooking.

It will cost too much money, the liberals say, and will fail to deliver health care to the target populations — poor people and people who can’t get insurance because of prior conditions. The law requires all people to either purchase health insurance or pay a fine at the end of the year. The health insurance marketplace is showing many people that they will pay more because health insurers can’t afford to cover people with serious diseases without charging healthy people more.

The liberals say the best way to have done national health care would have been to expand Medicare to cover all Americans, who would receive basic care for any illness. All people would be taxed to pay for it. People still would be able to buy supplementary policies, as Medicare recipients do now, to pay for supplemental care and avoid co-pay charges.

This would cost far less than Obamacare will cost, say these liberals.

Politics doth indeed make strange bedfellows.


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