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Obama, Mr. Global Warming

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webmaster | 01/24/13

President Obama mentioned “global warming” as something he’d like to fix, and I have no doubt he’s sincere. But what he probably really meant was that he would like to see the rest of us fix it by cutting back on our use of energy.

He, actually, is one of the biggest energy hogs on the planet along with most other heads of state.

On the day he made the speech in which he mentioned global warming, he arrived at the Capitol in what may be the least-efficient car in the country, a huge, heavily armored Cadillac limousine called The Beast. It probably gets about the same mileage as a fully loaded 18-wheeler truck-and-trailer hay hauler.

And it wasn’t just one Beast, but two. When the president goes somewhere, he always has two Beasts at hand. That’s in case one breaks down and another is needed immediately. Having two also might confuse some idiot perched on a rooftop with a sniper rifle, with an idea to take a shot at the president. Such duplicity is not a bad idea, but uses twice the gas as just one Beast would use.

Also, there are a lot of other heavy-duty vehicles involved when the president takes a drive. You saw a display of them if you were watching the inaugural.

Prior to Christmas, the president flew to Hawaii and back twice. His airplane is called Air Force One — a 747, and a big airplane for just one guy and some staff members. But wait, there’s more. Two 747s were involved in each flight — one as a dummy in case of an idiot having got hold of an antiaircraft missile.

Obama isn’t the only president who has traveled this way, nor will he be the last. But of this I am sure — he knows nothing about conserving energy except to tell us to do it.


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