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Obama, Daniel and Peter

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webmaster | 01/23/13

Yours truly was too busy to watch any of the inauguration. Too busy checking and responding to emails about politics, guns, war, and, oh yes, the occasional (and not enough) humorous text or beautiful image. Then there are the emails that can’t help but pique my interest.

You probably knew there is a gallery of “also-rans” in the First State Bank in Norton, Kansas. Yesterday they enshrined the latest in what is commonly called The Loser’s Hall of Fame. No parades, or balls, but free coffee and cookies were available as a portrait of Mitt Romney was positioned on the wall at the bank.

Mitt is in good company, though, with the likes of Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson who also lost presidential elections. But also hanging on the edifice are the likes of Daniel Webster (“the devil, you say?”) and William Jennings Bryan, the fiery, Bible-toting attorney of the famous Scopes Trial made into the movie “Inherit the Wind” with Spencer Tracy. Well that’s enough history for today. It’s time to get up with the times.

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Now that we are here in the 21st century with all our technology, how does a U.S. Navy vessel run aground on a reef near the Philippines? According to sources, by using a faulty map — map? With radar, sonar, GPS and more intricate navigational tools they are still using maps? I have a pretty reliable compass I used when I was backpacking around the desert. I’ll be glad to donate it to the Navy if I can use it for a tax write-off...


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