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News about celery is hard to chew

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webmaster | 09/27/12

Mom told me this when I was a kid, so I think it must be true:

A stalk of celery has negative calories; it takes more calories to chew and digest it than the stalks have.

Having known this most of my life, I always look to celery to take the calorie sting away from other things that taste good.

(There is an argument under way throughout the food universe over whether celery itself tastes good. I think the fact it doesn’t taste awful is good enough, considering the negativity of its calorie content and the fact it has fiber. What a great combination.)

If I have a burger and fries, for instance, I will eat a stalk of celery to balance off the calorie weight that came with the good stuff.

I’ve never felt it mattered calorie-wise whether I loaded up a stalk of celery load up a stalk of celery with spicy cream cheese. After all, didn’t the celery counteract the calories in the cream cheese?

Well, it looks like there’s a chance Mom could have been wrong.

Writing in the San Francisco Chronicle, Kathryn Roethel says a stalk of celery could have as many as 10 calories, which is more than the calories that are burned in chewing the celery. If you eat a stalk of celery, you will find yourself stuck with at least three more calories than you would have had if you hadn’t eaten it.

So it might not be worth it to eat the celery with the Big Mac and fries, which has about 800 calories. Instead of helping you offload some of those 800 calories, the celery would add three more calories. So, why bother?

Oh, I know, you’re going to say one shouldn’t eat the Big Mac and fries in the first place. But I say: What if Mom was right, and the celery will take the curse off the other stuff? One can only hope.

Pass the celery, please. I want to be on the safe side.


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