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New evidence that communism failed

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webmaster | 12/28/12

The Russians proved communism doesn’t work, the Cubans continue to prove it daily and now even the Chinese are putting communism behind them.

The Thursday Wall Street Journal reports that no fewer than 160 Chinese millionaires and billionaires are members of the National People’s Congress, the body that runs China.

These rich people became rich through capitalism — or what in China is a form of social capitalism, without which the government couldn’t survive.

The success of this post-communist system, and of other formerly communist nations that have adopted forms of capitalism, would make it seem that communism as we understood it during most of the 20th century is essentially dead.

But we should not forget the terrible cost communism exacted from the world while its experiments in absolute totalitarianism were being conducted. In the Soviet Union, at least 30 million citizens of that country were murdered in the service of forcing communism down the people’s throats. In China, the death toll was even more as Mao Zedong in his old age became ever more insane and threw his country into starvation and chaos in the service of his vision of a final Great Leap Forward.

One of the last holdouts of communism, North Korea, is pathetic, childish and dangerous. Its people, for all practical purposes, are enslaved. The North Koreans starve while their totalitarian government lards its privileged classes with what little money the country has left after it splurges on nuclear and rocket experiments.

Those of us who have lived long enough to watch the fall of communism have seen its weakness and wonder how anyone could have faith in it as a way of life for the future.

Yet, there are those in many parts of the world, and even in the U.S., who don’t hesitate to embrace Marxist ideas.

Some will never learn, even in face of contradictory evidence.


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