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The mother part of Mother Nature

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webmaster | 03/03/12

“And Adam called his wife’s name Eve; because she was the mother of all life.” — Genesis 3:20

When the term Mother Nature is used in telling a story or in the different printed stories, from articles to books, the term covers a very wide identification of creation from the beginning of time. To me, the term Mother Nature is the Creative Intelligence of the Universe (God) expressing itself through all life on this planet. One might not agree with me and think I am in la-la land by making such a statement, but when one looks around at what is happening, not only in the area around them, but worldwide, you can see God in action.

The blooms on the trees and flowers don’t just happen; they happen because the Creative Intelligence in that tree or flower is God expressing itself as Mother Nature. All living things on this planet are the expressions of God, which are always creating and expanding its love to bring joy and harmony to the universe that all life shares.

The compassion that is shared by the animal kingdom is different than the expression of God in the plant and sea life on this planet. The compassion in the animal kingdom is in the feeling animals have for each other of like species and toward their offspring, including man...


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