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More thoughts on Millview principal

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webmaster | 07/17/12

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  • Several more messages were received on the hiring of a non-bilingual principal. A woman called and agreed with “the man who was upset about people being upset about the hiring of a principal that is not bilingual. This is not Mexico. This is not China. This is not any other country. This is America. If you want to come here I understand you want to better yourself. But don’t come here and try to change it into another country. Everyone here needs to learn how to speak English.”
  • A parent called “about all the comments on the new Millview school principal. Not all the parents there speak Spanish. Not all the Spanish parents there are from Mexico. We need to let go of the racist remarks in the newspaper. Our biggest problem has very little to do with Mrs. McPherson. It has to do with Mrs. Galvez who has been leading our school for three years. The principal does not have to speak Spanish, but the principal has to be a leader, with the staff, and in the community. We have had 10 principals that did not speak Spanish and did not feel comfortable in the community so they sat in their offices. You have to be able to engage the staff and the community onsite. We have had that person for the last three years.”
  • A hard to understand woman said on the subject, “When it comes to Hispanics they do hard labor work. The ones that are crying about the hard labor are the ones that are born here. The African-Americans and the whites, they’re the ones crying about it. Oh, it’s too hot. Oh, we have to work a lot. My son is Hispanic and proud of it. He is in the military right now fighting for everyone. I’m a proud parent.”
  • A woman called regarding a “July 10 article on cancer survivor gets her wish. I would like to compliment and congratulate our fire department on being such good people and giving back to the community and especially in helping this little girl’s wish come true.”
  • A “grandmother here in Madera” said, “I am aware of the amount of young people that are out of work. Part of it is education. I would like to have someone initiate through the city council to try and get one or two of those trade schools in Madera. The technical colleges advertised on television. These colleges would be easier to get to, and into, for these kids that are not college material.”
  • A woman called “about the wasteful water here in Madera County and it has nothing to do with the families watering their garden or yard. I’m talking about doctor offices, city and Madera County buildings. They’re running water, there are broken sprinklers. It amazes me how often water is wasted. They should start looking in their own back doors.”
  • A man commented on a “story by Elsa Mejia and the author of the book, Rosemary. We are direct descendants of (first name not understood) Correa who is listed in the book. Thank you for writing the article and including the picture. We did not realize it was her until we took a closer look. Thank you so much.”
  • A man told of “a comment that Supervisor (Tom) Wheeler said at the supervisors meeting. I went and watched that comment. It was absolutely appalling that (he said) he would shoot and kill his cat before licensing him. This man is a buffoon, by not wanting to follow the ordinances of Madera County, then wanting to kill his cat. He should not be a supervisor.”
  • A “longtime resident for over 50 years in Madera” said, “it amazes me along Road 23 where Madera Golf Course is located, how the canal there is so dirty. I could probably clean it up in one day. The city or county needs to clean out that canal. Do something instead of just sitting around.”
  • “What has happened to the Ramblin’ Rec?” said a man. “I haven’t seen it lately. I hope you don’t drop it. It’s very informative for my family and what’s going on.” (Editor’s note: The Ramblin’Rec appeared in Monday’s issue).
  • A lady said, “Paul Stanford’s sports editorials usually are the very best, but he should rethink his last paragraph written Friday, the 13th. We must not think prison sexual abuse is acceptable for anyone.”
  • “A concerned Californian,” and regular caller, said “I’m against high-speed rail.” Because of our hot summers, he said, “it causes a phenomena that causes the railroad tracks to warp. What are these people going to do with warping on a train going 120 mph? I think the I-5 corridor would be a better choice. It stays cooler. When those rails warp and a big wreck happens who’s going to pay the cost for all those people dying?”

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