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More news about outer space

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webmaster | 04/12/14

We are informed that many scientists, especially astronomers are sure earth is not the only place in the universe where life exists. They believe this, they say, even though they so far haven’t found a shred of evidence to support their opinions.

Common sense, they say, tells them this is so. In a place as big as the universe, they maintain, it would be almost statistically impossible for earth to be the only place where life exists.

With that, their thinking is in synch with a lot of science fiction writers. It also puts them in the company of people who claim to have had encounters with beings from outer space. Or, if they haven’t had encounters with the beings themselves, they say they have seen the vehicles which bring such beings to earth.

Public opinion polls regularly reflect that about 50 percent of Americans believe UFOs visit Earth, and 80 percent believe the government is hiding information that could prove that belief to be a fact.

About 3 million Canadians say they have seen UFOs, which should add weight to the idea of Canada as an outer-space tourist attraction. They say space aliens have interbred with Canadians over the centuries, which would explain Canada’s obsession with ice hockey, and with saying “eh” all the time. Apparently outer space visitors say “eh” a lot, according to those who claim to have tried to talk to such visitors. The Earth person would say, “Who are you?” And the outer space visitor would reply “eh?”

One theory is that throughout time, all the remarkable people have been offspring of space aliens. That includes bad people as well as good ones. Hitler was from outer space, as were Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell, the theories go. By that measure, Steve Jobs was from outer space. We do know he was from San Francisco, so that theory might not be so far from the truth.


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