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More comments about yard sales

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webmaster | 07/31/12

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  • “I agree with the man who called in about the once-a-month yard sales,” said a woman. “I thought this was a free country. You can’t even have a yard sale or put a for sale sign on your car. This is what Madera is like?”
  • “Who’s responsible? Who cares?” began a woman. “I love once-a-month yard sales. I’m on a fixed income and can’t afford gas for every weekend. So once a month is great and there is so much to choose from.”
  • A lady “just wanted to congratulate the Madera Tribune on their coverage of community sports, especially on the Madera Major (Little) League All-Stars. Thank you so much for the service.”
  • A woman said, (a supervisorial candidate) “is leaving his (campaign) signs up all over town when they are supposed to be taken down. If he is running on a program of accountability how can we have a supervisor that can’t even take down his own signs?”
  • A man called about “Paul Stanford’s column and wondered where it has gone to. I really enjoy his articles.”
  • A woman called “about the editorial of Wednesday, July 25. I don’t know who does your proof reading, but they need to be fired. All the time I find errors.” She mentioned a person’s name and the paper had the first name wrong. “I really wonder what you guys get paid for.”
  • Another lady called on the same edition and the “front page story ‘Overcoming the odds’ and Madera teen moms receiving scholarships through Planned Parenthood. I am very happy Planned Parenthood is showing the success stories, but they failed to say how many babies were killed, how many abortions were performed on that particular day.”
  • “I’m calling about the Highway Patrol office,” began a man. “Who’s going to cut the grass. It’s over a foot high. There ought to be somebody in that dang office that can bring a lawn mower in and cut the grass.”
  • A regular caller and “concerned citizen” called “about the rising healthcare costs” and said, “I think doctors are way overpaid. I think healthcare should pay back (patients) 70 or 80 percent of their cost if they don’t use it during the year. I also think doctors should guarantee their work. They should guarantee to cure the disease.”
  • A lady said, “I just read Leon’s column (Mo’s Meanderings) for Saturday, July 28. I have lived in Madera for over 78 years and it is something I will treasure, and cut out and keep. Thank you.”
  • On the same subject, a man said, “when Emo writes about Madera as he did in his latest Meandering I wish had lived in this town back then. I moved here too late, but with the writing of Emo and Coate it sometimes seems I have lived here all my life. Thanks to the Tribune and to both writers for their stories.”
  • “I see signs that say they are going to close 4th Street Monday, July 30,” said a man. “I hope it is to start fixing that awful street. All I’ve got to say is it’s about time.” (Editor’s note: The city is moving ahead with the reconstruction of 4th Street now that Caltrans has given its go-ahead.)

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