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webmaster | 06/04/14

One would think I would be a little more observant as a sometime reporter. After mentioning the new, and what I thought, first time in a long time, flag flying on the tall pole near the Scout Hut at Sunset and Schnoor last week Judge Ernie LiCalsi, and a few other readers set me straight.

His Honor, Ernie, informs us that the flagpole — that doubles as a cell tower — has always had a flag, and this scribe just happened (by sheer luck) to see it being changed. As an added bonus the cell company is required to maintain the flag.

+ + +

A tip of the hat to Mary Ellen Koop, who enjoys my “stuff” in the paper, despite the occasional blooper (see above) or “oops.” I ran into (not literally) Mary Ellen at Farnesi’s last week, and though she doesn’t look old enough to have experienced them, we had a wonderful conversation concerning the 1960s. Thanks, Mary Ellen, for bringing up some of the memories that were buried in “Purple Haze” way back in the brain synapse.

+ + +

More and even earlier memories will be shared by some oldsters at their 65th class reunion starting at Cool Hand Luke’s on Friday and continuing with a big bash at the Vineyard on Saturday. This humble scribe doesn’t know how many will be attending, but is aware of two lovely, charming gals who will be — my third grade teacher, Janet Lansing, and my Madera High biology teacher, Norma Mastin...


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