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Maybe it’s time to get a BlackBerry

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webmaster | 09/26/13

It seems unusual to those of us with any memory for how things work that the cell phone giant BlackBerry is being sold for a fraction of what it used to be worth. It wasn’t long ago that the BlackBerry phones were called CrackBerry because their users were so addicted to checking their emails and handling other business on the devices.

Then, along came the iPhone, and suddenly BlackBerry wasn’t so cool. The iPhone became the new “must have” device to carry around and stare at, and for a couple of years it held sway over the cell phone universe. But then along came Android, which in many ways improved on the iPhone and was cheaper to boot.

The big question now: What will be next?

A reinvented BlackBerry came out early this year, and its entrance into the market barely made a ripple. Although the BlackBerry is still one of the most-used cell phones, the new version didn’t grab peoples’ attention enough to pronounce it a sensation.

I never owned a BlackBerry — too expensive — but my daughter who lives in Florida had one, and she took it everywhere with her, except maybe into the shower. Now, she uses something else.

It looks like BlackBerry will continue to stay in business, so I might get one, even if it isn’t cool, because the prices have lowered. My iPhone is wearing out, and even though it has good call quality, it is hard to use. I’m no longer a lad with nimble fingers. I find the iPhone’s virtual keyboard clumsy to use. The BlackBerry, on the other hand, can be had with a qwerty keyboard, not unlike that of a computer keyboard.

I had a Motorola phone with such a keyboard, and it was great. But I dropped it and it broke. When I went in to get a new one, they sold me the iPhone instead. If I get a BlackBerry, I’ll let you know how I like it.


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