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Madera hopefuls in couch Olympics

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webmaster | 08/01/12

Mrs. Doud and I are in the sitting for the gold medal in the sofa Olympics. We spend almost every spare minute on the couch watching actual Olympians swim, dive, tumble, hit volleyballs, ride horses and just about everything else that we either can’t or won’t do.

I know we aren’t alone in this quest. While I was having my teeth cleaned the other day, I asked the hygienist whether she was watching the Olympics, and she said she and her husband couldn’t tear themselves away from that great show. She and her husband are quite a bit younger than Mrs. Doud and I, so when it comes to sitting on the couch, I was concerned they may have an advantage, just as the younger swimmers seem to have an advantage over the older ones.

But, she also told me she had to keep getting up to put the kids to bed, do the dishes and so forth. Does that give us an advantage in couch-sitting? I think it might. We’ll have to see who had what it takes when the medals are handed out.

I happen to know at least one person who doesn’t watch the Olympics at all.

“They bore me,” he said. “I watch ‘Pawn Stars’ instead. That’s a show I can understand. They explain what they are doing. It isn’t a mystery. And they are funny guys.

“But, I’ll tell you, I have no idea what a pommel horse is. It doesn’t look like it has any use. When those gymnasts swing around on it, I can’t tell what they’re trying to do, except hurt themselves. It would make more sense if they just jumped over it. If they cleared it, fine. If they hit it, they’d be out. And then, they run, jump and do somersaults on a mat. And then they pose. ‘Dancing With the Stars’ makes more sense, and the costumes are better.”


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