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Looking forward to a lot of gravy

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webmaster | 11/06/13

With each day that passes, we get ever closer to that season in which it seems to be our duty to eat large meals — so large they often cause collapse.

Even the cat at our house gets into the holiday spirit (for it is indeed the holidays of which I speak). Cats and other animals are supposed to eat no more than what is good for them, but that apparently is an old wives’ tale, right up there with the observation that birds never fly at night. Let’s see: Owls are birds, aren’t they? They are fond of feeding on rodents, which enjoy scurrying around at night, and thus have learned to fly at night, primarily because they, the owls, like to eat more than is good for them.

But getting back to the cat, it doesn’t have to be Thanksgiving or Christmas for her to want to wolf down far more than is good for her. I feed her kibble (two bowls a day as rent for our house, of which she is the landlady) and a bowl of wet food, usually just before her bedtime.

The vet told us a few months ago to stop the kibble and feed only wet food, but that makes her (the cat, not the vet) claw the furniture.

So, the cat has lost no weight, and may have gained some. She probably will want an extra bowl of wet food on Thanksgiving and Christmas, just as I will want plenty of gravy on my mashed potatoes and dressing. There’s something about gravy that won’t let me leave it alone. I think it’s called calories.

The same goes for turkey sandwiches on thickly sliced bread the next day, served with a little heated-up dressing with gravy on the side. When I eat that, the cat just sits and watches, with a look on her face that says, “sucker, if you drop it, I’ve got it.” I don’t do that while’s she’s eating her meals, so I think I’m due an apology.


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