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A look at Obama’s future career

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webmaster | 11/19/13

When the presidency of Barack Obama reaches its end in January 2017, he still will be a relatively young man, too young for Social Security. He will have to go out and get a real job, at least until his federal pensions kick in. Of course, he can do as former presidents before him have done and go around the country giving speeches, for which he will be well paid, and he will have to start raising money for his presidential library, which probably will be sited in Chicago or Hawaii.

But there is one job he would be qualified for, and which he probably could make a lot of money:

Health insurance sales.

Yes, the former president probably will be the best-qualified health-insurance salesman in the land, once he gets the intricacies of the Affordable Care Act sorted out.

Prospective clients by the thousands would love to have him come into their living-rooms, sit on their couches and drink tea or coffee while he spells out the advantages of the policies he has available for sale.

“Let me be perfectly clear,” he would say, “I guarantee that you will be able to keep this policy once I sell it to you. Of course, if they do come and take it away from you, I guess it will be on me, unless you don’t pay the premiums, and then it will be on you.”

He will be reading this from a TelePrompTer, which he will have brought with him and plugged into the wall.

“One of the things we are sure of,” he would continue, “is that it will not matter if you have a pre-existing condition. If you have one of those, your only problem will either be paying a higher rate ($5,000 a month or so) or filling out one of these applications from the pre-existing condition committee, which will decide whether you need insurance or a burial plot.”

Somehow, I think the ex-president will have a good career ahead of him.


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