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webmaster | 03/05/13

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  • A woman said, “The mayor of Madera really needs to see what Madera is. He needs to stop going to Africa and stand on the Tozer Bridge... and look down the river. Lo and behold, tent city. Yes, the residents, taxpayers and homeowners that live on Yosemite are in an uproar. So lock your doors, get your dogs and get your guns. Yosemite Avenue is half finished and is not even a safe environment for any person.”
  • “I was just getting close to canceling my paper because I felt something was missing,” said a gentleman, tongue in cheek. “Lo and behold, today (columnist) Leon Emo’s anonymous girlfriend wrote another message about him leaving his gal at home and wearing horrible shorts. Just rebuilds my belief the paper is worth reading. Leon, she’s back.”
  • A lady said, “In today’s Tribune (Feb. 26) Snapshots of Madera’s Yesteryears, 25 years ago, it says, ‘flea market decision postponed.’ Well, it’s too bad that they didn’t put the flea market out on (Avenue) 18 and a half. It would do away with the congestion at the fairgrounds now. They need to maybe discuss it again. Also, on the same page showing the parking on Yosemite Avenue says it was taken ‘facing north.’ Well, this can’t be because it is East Yosemite and you are looking east from right downtown.” (Copy editor’s response: Because Yosemite Avenue runs southwest-northeast, both you and our columnist are equally correct.)
  • A man said, “The Tribune should cover the trial that starts next Monday where a Madera attorney (name given), and his wife (name given) are suing their son (name given) over money. I think it is despicable and I think you should look long and hard at that case.”
  • A caller said, “I don’t know who wrote the letter about the Tribune being delivered in the mailbox, but I think it is a lot better now. We are at least getting our papers now. The guy they had before was kind of hit and miss as to if we got our papers. It might be a little late, but at least we are getting it.”
  • A woman “driving down (State Route) 99, right there at Avenue 12” said, “First I noticed the AM-PM closed, and now the other stores and all those businesses are closed. Those businesses weren’t that old.” Similarly, a man asked “if editor (Chuck) Doud knows what happened to the Arco AM-PM gas station at Highway 99 and Avenue 12?” (Copy editor's response: The businesses are closed due to the state's Avenue 12 Interchange improvement project.)
  • “I see a lot of people driving and talking on their cell phones or texting,” said a woman. “What’s more important, a human life or a call that’s not important?” • A visitor to the Tribune’s official Facebook page wrote, “Madera Tribune, Madera needs you.”
  • A reader commented on our website, “I thought that playing youth basketball for the John Wells (Youth) Center was supposed to be fun and at a competitive level for all children. What I have seen are coaches who have stacked teams, and their only goal is to win and dominate... These dream teams do not give first-time players, or players in general, a chance to learn and to have fun.”

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