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A little Irish flavor

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webmaster | 03/13/13

I got to thinking about a phrase I often heard but didn’t understand. Have you ever used, or heard, the term faith and begorrah?

There are various spellings for begorrah. From what I have learned, the first part, faith, was used to precede some strong assertion and would have translated as something like by my faith (meaning, by my Christian religion). The second part, begorrah, probably originated as follows: being reluctant to say by God, the common people said something like by Gor, pronouncing it be Gor, which in time became begorrah.

In former times, people not only were reluctant to say by God, they were thoroughly afraid because one of the Ten Commandments postulates: Thou shalt not use My name in vain! This led to quite a few veiled references to God, such as Geeze (for Jesus), or to other heavenly characters. I can’t vouch for the authenticity of these explanations, but this seems to be the popular explanation for the faith and begorrah saying.

Now, on to food! It is not an easy task to come up with new recipes year after year when it comes to traditional St. Patrick’s Day dishes. The vast majority of people enjoy having the same meal every March 17. I thought it might be fun to shake things up just a little, by presenting some recipes that incorporate some of the traditional ingredients but in a different way. You can still enjoy your boiled dinner, but perhaps you might like introducing one or more new items to the menu. Let’s see what we can cook up...


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