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Let’s let the French handle this

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webmaster | 01/16/13

The French are becoming embroiled in a war in Mali, which is an African country being taken over by al Qaeda missionaries who need a base from which to spread their faith of Islamic terrorism.

Mali is located just southwest of Algeria, and is a lovely garden spot not unlike the Mojave Desert.

The Malians are basically nice people who are easily shoved around by the al Qaeda louts who think almost nothing of lining basically nice people up and machine-gunning them in the name of whoever happens to be in charge.

Mali is most famous for being the home of the city of Tombouctou, which is how the French spell Timbuktu, which is a 900-year-old trading city that today is an impoverished town known primarily for being flooded when it rains.

It also is known for being someplace a long ways away. Perhaps even you have said, “All the way to Timbuktu.”

The French, who are shooting up the al Qaeda goons with their fighter planes, say they will not stay in Mali one millisecond longer than it takes to kill all the al Qaedans or drive them out. That should be about 10 years from now.

The al Qaeda presence in Mali is an unintended consequence of the war that overthrew Libya’s tyrant Moammar Gadhafi. Supporters of Gadhafi had to run fast to keep from being lined up and shot by those who overthrew their boss, who was a great supporter of terrorists. You may recall he gave shelter and assistance to the fellow who put the bomb on Pan Am Flight 103 back in 1994.

Some Americans believe we should be lining up to help the French, which we have done before, as you may recall.

If that happens, our troops in Afghanistan may be saying, “here today, gone to Mali.” (All the way to Timbuktu and back.) Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.


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