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Let’s hear it for all the candidates

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webmaster | 11/07/12

Regardless for whom you cast your votes yesterday, and whether the outcome pleased you, there is one thing you should remember: The men and women who sought your votes were doing the work of preserving our democratic republic.

It is not always pleasant work. It keeps one away from one’s own fireside for many months, as evenings are spent meeting with people one doesn’t necessarily know. Every handshake, every pat on the back is a moment a candidate loses forever — spent not with his or her family, friends or business, but with people who are likely to be strangers, but must be treated as friends.

Having to go out and meet people in search of their votes can be agony, especially when those people spout platitudes that are just short of ridiculous, then expect one to agree with them.

It is easy to be a voter. All one has to do is remember to vote and then summon the energy to cast the ballot, a process now made easy so easy its importance can be shrugged off by those whose IQs are less than the number of inches of their waistlines or whose noses are buried so deeply in their iPhones they witlessly step in front of moving cars.

But it is hard to be a candidate, because the candidate, once he or she announces for office, is painted as a target, and then used as one by opponents and their supporters, by voters and by the press. The press can be especially vicious, because in the guise of objectivism it can refocus a campaign away from the things that count to those which don’t count. You saw that happen a lot in this election, on both sides.

So, let’s raise a glass to the candidates for all offices, for their true service to democracy, and pledge ourselves to being better citizens so we are worthy of their often thankless sacrifices.


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