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Let’s bring limitless joy to our city

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webmaster | 05/16/13

News from Hong Kong is that people in that crowded city are overjoyed at the presence of a huge, yellow rubber duckie in the city’s Victoria Harbor. The inflatable is about 5 1/2 stories high, about the height of the Madera Valley Inn. A Wall Street Journal story on the subject says people are flocking to the docks to see the duckie. It brings them “limitless amounts of joy.”

The yellow duckie is an art installation which has shown up in nine countries. It is shipped to a location, then inflated in place.

We ought to try to get the duckie to come to Madera. While there’s no place in town with room for it to float (no storm overflow pond is big enough), maybe room could be found for it by the lake on the municipal golf course. Think of the attraction. People would drive from miles around to see the giant duckie; airplanes would fly in and land, to see it both from the air and from the ground. Golfer numbers at the course would double.

Many would be the duck related tourist attractions. Restaurants would serve Peking duck; bakers would turn out duck-shaped loaves of bread and duck-shaped cakes with yellow frosting; and a skeleton of a gigantic prehistoric duck might be conveniently uncovered at the landfill, next to the mammoths. It wouldn’t be surprising. Where we live once was a big lake, and would have been an ideal stopping place for flocks of giant ducks to rest while on their annual migration to Florida for the winter.

Of course, it might take a while to get the duck here. There’s a long waiting list of cities that want it to pay a visit.

The next best thing might be to commission Florentijn Hofman, the Dutch artist who made the duckie, to construct an inflatable animal for Madera — such as a ground squirrel — a 5 1/2-story high inflatable ground squirrel, standing at full height, as though on the lookout for coyotes. It could be installed atop the County Government Center, where it could be seen from miles around, and bring limitless amounts of joy.


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