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Leave a big enough tip and get a Cabbie

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webmaster | 01/15/14

That rumbling you heard Sunday night was not thunder, nor was it an earthquake. It was the sound of TV remotes throughout the universe changing channels away from the Golden Globes to almost anything else on television.

Oh, I know, an audience still exists for this annual display of raw, festering ego, but that audience is more to be pitied than censored. A little of the Golden Globes goes a long way, but they have gone into overdose. The once-interesting and fun presentations by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association of yesteryears — often considered of more critical worth than the Academy Awards — have become an exercise in overindulgence.

Presenters of awards and their recipients alike fell into the use of obscenities — the last refuge of unfunny comics.

But enough of that. What really surprises one is the proliferation of awards shows at this time of year. Once only the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards held sway over who in films and television would be recognized for their work. Now, however, everybody wants to hand out awards for this and that. Don’t be surprised if we soon start seeing the Los Angeles cab drivers present awards — they would be called Cabbies, of course — to the performers in movies and television who handed out the biggest tips.

Bowl games are another area where overdoing it tries to be an art form. Once a few really good bowl games kept college football fans on the edges of their seats at year’s end. But now we see bowls for this and that, and it is hard to keep them straight. And, the colleges that play in them are more and more obscure, and the sponsors less and less prominent. You shouldn’t be too shocked, for example, if the Motel 6 Bowl features teams from two colleges of janitorial science.


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