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Last meal censored?

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webmaster | 01/13/12

Last meal? At least that’s what I’ll be getting next week from one of my favorite morning maidens at Black Bear. Always smiling waitress Inez Romero is headed for cowboy country or oil town — Bakersfield. My gal and I will miss her easy laugh and wish her the best. In the future, maybe I’ll stop for a cup of coffee a little farther south before heading over the mountains to the desert. In the meantime, I knew I should have left her larger tips, or maybe wore a cowboy hat at breakfast.

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The Supreme Court is debating whether policing curse words and nudity on broadcast television makes any sense in these days of cable and satellite. One justice even suggested it is now a moot point since broadcast television may be headed to its demise as with vinyl records (hey, wait-a-minute). Our former Washington lobbyist and still correspondent Harry Hindsight wonders where the court stands on old TV shows. Harry remembers the words from a beloved family show, where June (for all to hear) says to hubby, “Ward, weren’t you a little hard on the Beaver last night?” That made it past the censors in 1958.

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Rightful censorship and sensitive. Watching trailers (used to be called previews) for the upcoming movie “The Dictator,” this scribe found a scene insensitive, demeaning and enough to make me avoid the film. In the aforementioned setting a New York City representative greets a Middle Eastern tyrant (played by Sacha Baron Cohen, a.k.a. “Borat”) by saying, “Welcome to New York City, and while you’re here, I highly recommend a visit to the Empire State Building before you or one of your cousins take it down.” To add to the above, I also find the line disgraceful and distasteful to all who remember with heads bowed and reverence the victims of that terrible day.

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After Wednesday’s catbox liner item about Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, this jovial columnist received a few responses concerning my belief in the good Lord and which way I was headed after my demise...


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