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Knowledge sometimes can block your joy

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webmaster | 05/23/14

“When wisdom entereth into thine heart, the knowledge is pleasant unto thy soul.”
— Proverbs 2:10

There are times when knowledge of a situation can hold one back from enjoying the moment. When one has knowledge of a potential danger of being involved in a not-so-good experience, then one may tend to not get the joy out of what should be a wonderful experience.

I have been to Yellowstone National Park two times and enjoyed all the different demonstrations of nature in action throughout the whole park. We watched Old Faithful erupt with the jets of hot water shooting into the air and the rangers explained why this happened every 90 minutes or so. We visited all the other parts of the park to see all the activity from the underground heat coming to the surface with mud pools bubbling, water boiling, and the smell of sulfur so strong it made it difficult to breathe at times.

Both times we visited the park we saw and learned something different, which made the visits a joy to experience. Had I had full knowledge of the potential danger we were exposed to, I probably would not have enjoyed the visits or would not have made the second visit. Sometimes the knowledge of what could happen in any situation can have an impact on the pleasure and enjoyment one is supposed to get from the experience...


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