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Just who is running this county?

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webmaster | 03/26/13

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  • “A retired county employee had an issue.” She said she had “retired voluntarily to save the county some money. Now I find that the board (of supervisors) has appointed an auditor/controller that doesn’t even live in Madera County. Come on, even the governor knew that (recently appointed supervisor) Nevarez had to live in his district. Is the board of supervisors above the law or is it just bad legal counsel? Who’s running this county?”
  • A woman had a message for the editor. “Mr. Doud, this is in regards to your article on Yosemite Avenue. I don’t mean to offend you, but are you blind? There are boarded up buildings, buildings that look like they should be boarded up, buildings that are painted a disgusting neon orange, pink, green and yellow, and sidewalks collapsing into underground rooms. Take a drive in any other city in the United States to their old downtown and see the difference.”
  • A man asked “why have you changed the paper so much? You run too much AP (Associated Press) for one thing.”
  • “Everyone should take a ride down Lake Street in Madera,” began a woman. “Starting just north of 4th Street it looks like Tijuana, with clothes hanging on fences, and a daily yard sale. Continuing north you’ll see all the trash. At the 1000 block you’ll see chickens in the front yard. Come on, City Council and supervisors, clean this mess up, and at the owners’ expense.”
  • A man had “a question about our new supervisor, Mr. Nevarez. I have never heard of him before. He said he was a mortgage broker. Did he have his own office or was he employed by someone else? He said he is against the new casino, but what is his stand on the high-speed rail? Which, in my opinion, is a more important matter because we have no money. Is he for or against it?”
  • A woman said, “A while ago there was an article about the tax office in Madera County. Where’s the follow-up? What happened?”
  • A man called “in response to the man who called about the Youth Center’s youth basketball league. I would suggest if he is not happy with the Youth Center he should pull his kid out of the program, get his money back. This is a competitive league and how are we going to prepare these kids to play against Fresno and Clovis schools. The Youth Center is the best thing Madera has had in a long time.”
  • A woman said, “the Madera community should realize that whatever the teachers get everyone else should get. And that classified employees cannot afford that cap benefit just like everybody else.”
  • “The Madera Unified School District is one of the largest employers in Madera,” began a lady. “I don’t think they should treat their employees so badly by trying to cap their health insurance and then not giving them raises. It is just adding insult to injury.”
  • “Why don’t they call it like it is,” began a man talking about “Saturday’s event for kids called the Eggstravaganza. I remember 10 or so years ago it was called the annual Easter egg hunt and for me and my grandkids it will always be an Easter egg hunt. We still call him the Easter bunny. Oh yea, the Parks Department, probably on orders from city hall, have to call him the Spring bunny now. Sometimes political correctness can be political crap.”
  • “I took my little granddaughter to the Easter egg hunt,” began a lady. “It was her first and last time. She was pushed and shoved to the ground. Where was all the staff? They need more help out there.”
  • Another woman said, “this year’s egg hunt was awful, and that is thanks to the greedy parents. What an example to set for your children, to have them cheat and go ahead of everyone else before the official start.”
  • Another, “mother, of a young girl and boy,” asked, “where was all the help? I remember for the past few years there were members of a Lions, or a Rotary club or high school kids guarding the eggs on each field. And where was the cop and his patrol car? Are they all too busy to help or volunteer?”
  • A woman said, “shame on Margaret Medellin for asking the judge for leniency. She should have thanked him for taking a killing drunk driver off the road. And if she would rather have him go to rehab, why didn’t she send him at her expense many years ago?
  • “Thank you, Madera Classic Cars,” began a lady. “It was the best get together in a long time. Their first show (April 12), with the Yard Dogs opening, it should be great. And thanks to John and Cindy Diaz for opening their home to a potluck and seeing all those great all old cars. We can’t wait for the season to begin.”
  • “More trouble in the tax collector’s office,” said a woman. “The new assistant treasurer-tax collector barred a county employee from bidding at the March 20 tax sale auction without justification. Tax collector office employees are barred, but this individual does not work in that office and has bid at other sales. This weekend, in the reduced bidding process, a longtime acquaintance of the tax collector acquired a number of properties. Why did this happen? Can the Tribune find the answers?”
  • A woman called “inquiring about people borrowing money on the job from other employees. Something should be done by the supervisors. I just feel the supervisor should know how uncomfortable it makes my family feel. My son-in-law was asked to loan money to coworkers. My son-in-law has a wife, children and pays for day care. There should be some policy at the company.”
  • “I wish we had a senior center in a better area in Madera, said a lady. “We don’t like going down there at night.”

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