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It’s just a matter of time

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webmaster | 11/08/12

A friend reminded me Tuesday that it didn’t matter much how the election was going to turn out.

“We’ll all be dead on Dec. 21, “ he said.

He was referring to the fact that the Mayan calendar (of which I have a certified copy, thank you) ends on Dec. 21, 2012, and it has been interpreted that because the Mayans didn’t bother to take their calendar any further, that means Dec. 21 will be the end of time.

The Mayans apparently were very smart about keeping time. They built pyramids and temples that were time-keeping devices as well as being structures to haul slaves up and cut out their still-beating hearts, which must have been quite a show.

We don’t do things like that these days. We just have elections, to which we sacrifice money instead of people.

I wonder if I tore from my calendar all the days that come after Dec. 21, and left it lying around so someone could find it, if someone wouldn’t say that signified time would end at that point.

Probably not. Unlike the Mayans, I’m not much of a timekeeper. We have a clock on our wall at home that is running slow because I keep forgetting to change its battery. My watch is always 15 minutes faster than the clock. Mrs. Doud has mentioned this on a hundred or so occasions, because I think she gets tired of asking me what time it is.

Also, there’s a clock on my office wall that’s still set for Daylight Saving Time. I keep it that way because it reminds me how wonderful it is to be enjoying Daylight Wasting Time as we are now.

What if the guy who made up the Mayan calendar was like I am: a person just not all that interested in making sure what time it is? And maybe the person in charge of calendars saw what a bad job the calendar-maker was doing and had him hauled up the pyramid and sacrificed. Then, what if the time supervisor threw the unfinished calendar away — but that’s the one that was found hundreds of years later?

If we’re still here on Dec. 22, that’s probably what happened.


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