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Ignore most of the campaign claims

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webmaster | 10/30/12

We all are awash in political advertising right now, and it isn’t hard to find someone who will say they wish the flood were over.

Well, it almost is over. Today is one week from Election Day (Nov. 6).

Until then, here’s a hint how to deal with all those conflicting political claims: Ignore them. They mostly are lies, or at best half-truths. They also are intellectually insulting in their assumption that stupid enough to base their voting decisions on untruths.

Some are worse than others. For example, the Yes on 34 crowd claims with straight faces that abolishing the California death penalty would save all of us taxpayers money — $130 million a year. How can they say that? These mopes would still be in prison and still would be costing us money.

The No on 34 crowd claims the death penalty keeps us safer. What? The death penalty isn’t being carried out, except rarely. The 720 prisoners on Death Row already are doing life without parole. It’s San Quentin Penitentiary that’s keeping us safe, not the death penalty.

You should not base your vote for or against that proposition on such misinformation. Here’s a more practical way for you to vote: If you don’t like the death penalty because you think it is philosophically or morally wrong, vote yes.

If you think we should keep the death penalty because it theoretically allows society to have its ultimate revenge on murderers, vote no.

If none of the propositions passed, it would make little difference in our lives. The two tax-increase propositions, for example, would make a difference only if they passed and we had to pay more taxes. Would school budgets be savaged if 30 and/or 38 didn’t pass? Probably not. I’m in favor of funding schools, but I have no confidence that the Legislature wouldn’t keep the money.


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