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If Charlie bit your finger ...

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webmaster | 02/11/12

I confess mine was one of the 417.6 million views of a YouTube video clip called “Charlie bit my finger.” I happened across it as I was trying to learn how to use my new cell phone.

It is one of those cell phones that works by having the user move his or her fingers over its face. If you press it just right over an icon, the icon you press will open up a program for you. You have to be very careful, especially if you tap the icon next to the icon you really wanted. I think that’s how I happened to have YouTube appear on the face of my cell phone. I’m not sure which I wanted. It may have been maps, or reminders, or the calendar.

But once YouTube was opened, there was “Charlie bit my finger.” One kid, sitting on the lap of his slightly older brother, bites the finger of the older brother when the older brother keeps putting his finger in the kid’s mouth. Finally, Charlie bites hard enough, and the older brother says, “Charlie bit my finger.” Your response to this might be, “And ...” And I would say, “That’s pretty much all there is.”

Charlie is a cute kid, but biting a brother’s finger if the brother keeps putting the finger in one’s mouth is hardly the stuff of great comedy or drama. In fact, it is pretty ordinary fare. Most of us have had similar experiences, either when we were toddlers, or the parents of toddlers.

I used to put my finger in my kids’ mouths, and they would chomp down. They were little kids then, but they had strong jaws. Once in a while they would bite down pretty hard, and I would say, “Ouch! Greg (or whichever kid it was) bit my finger.” Or maybe Iwould just say “Ouch!”

I never would have thought of putting those little vignettes on YouTube, had that Internet phenomenon been around then. Silly me.


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