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How rain might benefit the cat

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webmaster | 01/17/12

The cat is beginning to eat more and drink more, and when we don’t give her more, she yells at us. I am sure this means something — probably that she is hungry and thirsty — but it may mean we should be taking her to a cat psychiatrist.

Maybe the dry weather is bothering her, as it is bothering me, and if that’s the case, the psychiatrist might be able to clear up her problem just by throwing her in a shower, closing the door and turning on the water for an hour.

While I know some cats don’t mind getting wet, our cat isn’t one of those. She will go far out of her way to keep dry, even as she watches the rain fall. I was going to give her a bath a few months ago, because she was starting to look like a well used dust mop. But as soon as I picked her up and put her in the sink, out came her claws and away she went. It’s a good thing I had some Band-Aids handy. We eventually took her to a person who makes a living washing cats and she came back clean, but we’ve never heard from that cat cleaner again. I think she’s trying to stay as far away from our cat as possible, and I don’t blame her at all.

Throwing of the cat in the shower — by the cat psychiatrist, of course — would show the cat how lucky she was to be living at our house, where we don’t throw her in the shower or otherwise abuse her except to put her out at night.

She would come back from the psychiatrist’s with a good attitude in place, eating and drinking what we gave her and not crawling up on me when I’m trying to read or watch television and digging her claws into the new sweater I got for Christmas.

Maybe the cat psychiatrist could throw the cat into a gunny sack full of old sweaters and let her claw them until she got bored. Then she would not come after mine.

I think she will be okay once it rains. I will, too.


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