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How to avoid the fiscal cliff

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webmaster | 11/27/12

Warren Buffet, the nation’s richest man, says he doesn’t mind if the ultrarich pay more taxes, and that’s all right with me, too.

The reason it is all right with me is that I’m not rich. I would not fall into the category that would have to pay more. So I really don’t care whether Buffet or any other ultra-rich person has to pay more.

The only thing I would hope is that the money raised from socking it to the rich wouldn’t be blown on riotous spending. Congress has a way of putting on funny hats, blowing whistles and throwing money when it gets hold of some money to throw.

Better if Congress used the money obtained by squeezing the rich to pay off some bills.

They shouldn’t let themselves get talked into some big project like ending world hunger or giving peace a chance.

Many times when we try to get food to hungry people, their governments get in the way, take the food and sell it to degenerates who sell it to profiteers who aren’t at all hungry, and who aren’t likely to be paying much in the way of taxes on their gains.

That sort of theft makes one want to shoot the reprobates in those despicable governments, but if you do that, there goes peace out the door and down the road.

But right now, Buffet and others are concerned mainly about avoiding the fiscal cliff. I would like to avoid it myself, so I’m staying as far back from it as I can get.

That is fairly easy for me to do. If Mrs. Doud saw me anywhere near the fiscal cliff, she would grab me by the collar and pull me back, which I count on.

In that regard, Buffet and I are on the same page. He’s staying in Omaha and not taking phone calls, and I’m here in Madera, and we’ll let the cliffs stay where they are, too.


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