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Here’s why spring already has sprung

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webmaster | 03/19/12

Spring (aka Vernal Equinox) officially will be here Tuesday, according to Eric Weisstein’s World of Astronomy, and who am I to argue? I am not an astronomer. Yet, I beg to differ, if just a little bit. I believe spring may have started at our house late last week.

That was when the cat started shedding in a rather big way. True, she shed all year, but in spring, and well into summer, it seems that shedding is her full-time occupation.

I first noticed this on Thursday, when I lay on the couch to take a nap. The cat jumped on my stomach, kneaded it a few times as though it were bread dough, and then settled down for her own nap.

That, in itself, wasn’t unusual. She lies in wait every day, waiting for me to go into nap mode, which is when I lie on my back on the sofa, watching the Science Channel with just one eye partly open and begin breathing deeply and with great regularity.

It seems to be an invitation to the cat to climb aboard for her share of the ZZZs. Once she is situated, we both fall asleep, until I wake up a few minutes later. Naps with a cat on one’s stomach never seem to be very long. That may be because when she sleeps, this particular cat likes to stretch out one of her paws, pop out its claws and dig me in the neck.

I like to think that gesture is an act of friendliness, although it is not unlike the way she treats the occasional mouse she captures and tortures.

When the cat got up from my stomach on that Thursday, she left behind about a bushel of hair, hair that was working its way into my mouth and all over the rest of my clothes. It reminded me that I had planned last year to think of a profitable use for cat hair, but all my efforts were in vain. If you think of something, let me know. I have plenty of extra cat hair. Ah, spring!


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