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benf | 04/30/14

Now that it has been so long, the story and mystery of the Malaysian airliner that probably plunged into the Indian Ocean has been relegated to the back pages. Will it ever be found? I’m thinking when they find the airliner they will find Amelia Earhart too.


Sometimes I’m envious that my gal can use her toes to pick up things. I bet, just for a moment she feels superior. That talent could come in handy. Why, she could survive in the wild … even if just for a little while. That is before her prince charming (Hey! Wait a minute) arrives to save her.


Wouldn’t it save a lot of money if we didn’t put a suicide watch on people on death row? It would save taxpayer money by letting them do it themselves. I bet, with the length of time (think, almost forever) it takes to actually put the lethal needle in someone, no inmate sentenced to death by injection is even thinking about dying. Now in Texas… I would be worried.


A psychologist client, traveling with me through the desert for a few days, camping in deep canyons, high mountains and deep valleys told me I seemed to be “home on the range.” After a shower and steak dinner at Furnace Creek Resort he climbed into his Mercedes, said “thanks, it was great, but only once.” I looked at his finest casual attire and remarked, “Not ever coming back, heh?” He shook his head adamantly. Well, I guess now I’m the one that can call you ‘de-ranged.’” He paid me, and sped off toward LA with a squeal of his tires…


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