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Have you heard about this bird?

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webmaster | 08/31/13

If you have been longing for a parakeet, but don’t want the bother of changing its cage liners, feeding and watering it or keeping your cat away from it, this may be your answer: Perfect Polly.

This is a mechanical parakeet that moves and chirps, just like a real parakeet. It doesn’t fly, but it does sit on a little swing in a nice cage, or on a perch, or even on your shoulder.

You can go away from home and leave Perfect Polly behind, and she will greet you cheerfully when you walk in the door after you return.

If she is sitting beside you while you are reading or watching television, she will let you know by chirping if somebody enters the room.

She is like a little welcoming committee and burglar alarm all wrapped into one, not unlike a live pet. She is the latest of a long line of animatronic creatures to which people have taken likings.

Once, when I was begging Mrs. Doud to let me have a dog, she bought me one — a little mechanical poodle that would walk and yip. I believe that poodle may still be with us, somewhere in a moving crate we have yet to open.

A lot of folks still have Big Mouth Billy Bass mounted on their walls. It is an animatronic fish that sings and flops around when you push a button. I never have heard an actual bass sing, but Big Mouth Billy didn’t sound half bad.

Mechanical animals that are not pets also abound. According to the website Oobject, an intelligent whale submarine can be seen at the Militia Museum in New Jersey, a person can ride in the Mondo Spider mechanical black widow and drive it around, scaring the beejeepers out of people, and one also can ride full-size mechanical elephants and horses.

The world is full of amazing things.

Perfect Polly, by the way, sells for $14.99, and if you order right now they’ll send you two for that price, just pay shipping and handling. (Get two; you’ll have a breeding pair.)


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