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Handed down stories or imaginary myths

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webmaster | 01/10/14

“Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing.”
— Psalms 2:1

Let us all take a minute and give thanks to the Creative Intelligence of the Universe (God) for the prayers being answered for Leon Emo during the challenge that jumped up in his experience. God is good and we just witnessed what prayer can do. Thank you God and So It is, Amen.

I get great joy out of reading the short stories in the book “Nature Never Stops Talking” by Samuel J. Alibrando. One of the short stories is about bats in which he wrote about the smallest to the largest of bats. The smallest is the bumble bee bat, which weighs less than a penny; the largest is the giant flying fox bat with a wing span of nearly six feet. The most common bat is the little brown bat here in California and throughout the world.

The handed down stories we hear about bats are mostly all myths. The bats have been given a bad rap because of the stories about the vampire bat, which are in Central America only and feed on blood from animals. To my knowledge, there are no reports of vampire bats attacking a human. The stories and movies we hear about or go see have not helped promote how good bats are to the environment...


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