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Guidance we all receive is from the divine

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webmaster | 02/03/12

“Nothing is more important than that we receive divine guidance in everything we do.” — Ernest Holmes, "Science of Mind"

There is a power and presence in the universe which gives direction to all life on this planet, and that includes man. I watch the Nat-Geo channel when I take time to watch television because most of the programs are about nature and how the different animals know where to be at a certain time in order to share in the abundance of food provided for them. The bears gather at the different streams when it comes time for the salmon to return because of the divine guidance present in them that we call instinct.

The blue whale was a mystery to science because it showed up in so many parts of the world. Researchers didn’t understand how and where it traveled. Most of the mysteries were solved when researchers were able to attach tracking devices on them and follow their movements. They found out the whales moved with the different currents of the oceans.

It has taken more than 25 years of collecting information to find out where their breeding grounds are, where they go to have their calves, how they provide protection for their calves, why they move throughout the world in the different ocean currents and the reason they travel worldwide...


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