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Goodbye, wire; so long, privacy

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webmaster | 07/11/13

Perhaps you, too, spotted the news item saying that the phone companies who until now have used wires to bring our phone calls to us have decided to go out of the wire business. It won’t be long before the wire thieves will have to look somewhere else for copper to steal, I guess. Also, it may be the beginning of the end for high-quality phone calls.

Yes, I know, glass fiber is fairly good at transmitting phone calls, and cell phone call quality seems to be getting a little better. The idea of eventually not having a wire come into your home or place of business, however, will be hard to get used to.

Wires are better at insuring privacy than is wireless technology. We are always hearing these days about how all our cell phone calls are being recorded, but I doubt if very many people are listening in on the calls we make over the wires.

Cell phones are actually little radios that transmit to nearby towers, which in turn transmit and receive to satellites, which in turn transmit to other cell towers, which transmit to the phones we may be calling. As we are hearing in the news lately, that isn’t a very secure way of making calls.

A lot of folks don’t think that matters. To them, privacy is overrated. Either that, or it’s an illusion. The so-called social media aren’t private, either. They invade one’s privacy, in fact. If you stop using a particular social medium, that medium will hound you with reminders that you are supposed to be talking to your “friends” instead of minding your own business.

I can see why the phone companies may want to do away with wire, and it probably will work out all right. But the time may come when being wired — in the old-fashioned sense — will be something we will wish we still experienced.


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