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Get off the couch

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webmaster | 11/03/12

On Tuesday, we are all invited to the most important party of the year. If you haven’t already done so through early balloting, get off the couch and get your bum to the polls. Few things you will do this year are more important than exercising your right to vote.

In so many lands, blood is shed and lives are lost for the right to lead their nation. Our American Revolution was fought for the right to self-govern.

I obviously have my preference for whom you should cast your vote.

Already this election season I set a few tails on fire with my opinions on who should win the presidential election and why. I have taken quite a bit of heat for my views. As long as the people in my town keep reading what I write, I don’t care how they feel about my stance on the issues. That is the beauty of freedom of the press...


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