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Four creepy court cases create stars

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webmaster | 05/01/13

I happened to switch on television Tuesday morning and noticed that four trials were in the news, where they have been for some time. The cases were serious, and all involve unsavory characters: Jody Arias, Katherine Jackson, Dr. Kermit Gosnell and Amanda Knox.

Arias is accused of killing her boyfriend, Travis Alexander, by shooting him, stabbing him multiple times and nearly cutting off his head at his suburban Phoenix home. She doesn’t deny having done the crime, but says she doesn’t remember much of it. She’s claiming self-defense, but that’s a laugh.

Her trial, in Phoenix, has been going on for weeks, and if it has proven anything it is that on a scale of one to 10 for liars, with one being a few little white fibs and 10 being every other word is a whopper, she registers about a 12. Also, her relationship with the man she killed was mutually evil as far as their sex life was concerned — think cad and slut. The time that’s been wasted on this trial is an insult to the Arizona justice system. I think the judge and attorneys, not to mention the defendant, all are camera hogs and dragging it out as long as they can. The question seems to be whether she’ll be sentenced to death.

Katherine Jackson is the mother of musician Michael Jackson. She is suing AEG Live, the company that was promoting Michael’s supposedly last live concert tour, for which he was rehearsing when he died of a drug overdose in 2009. Dr. Conrad Murray, who last year was convicted of giving Jackson the overdose, was hired by AEG Live to keep Jackson up and strutting during the rehearsals and tour. Katherine, who lived most of her life off the work of Michael, is hoping to get one more big payday. Which seems sad. Michael, who started out as a child star, morphed over time into a drug addict, sexual deviate and child molester who was flat broke and killing himself on drugs when he died. It will be hard for Katherine to prove AEG Live’s behavior was criminal.

The third trial is that of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, who ran an unbelievably incompetent and filthy abortion clinic in Philadelphia. He is accused of killing a patient through medical malpractice and illegally killing live babies by cutting their spinal cords at the neck. He faces 258 counts in all. What a horrible man.

Finally, there is Amanda Knox, an exchange student from Seattle who was convicted, then later acquitted, of killing her roommate in the Italian town where both were studying. Even though she was acquitted, Italian prosecutors want to try her again. She has just written a book, reviews of which show her to be a vacuous hypocrite as well as immoral and capable of evil acts. It’s amazing these creeps are court television stars.


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