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Food and fangs

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webmaster | 02/01/12

Yes, gentle reader, I’m talking about you. Okay, and me. I was looking into chips for parties before, during and after this Sunday’s Super Bowl. Saw a big package of “Natural” Cheetos and wondered what can be natural about a Cheeto.

Well, Men’s Health magazine (ladies, you can join in, too) came up with this tidbit. According to the FDA “natural” doesn’t even have to relate to the food. I didn’t think so. A few farmer friends told me they have never seen a crop of disodium phosphate or field of maltodextrin. Nothing natural about Cheetos, and the health magazine said pretty much the same about Doritos. But those researchers don’t have a chip on their shoulder or anything.

+ + +

Bone to bone. Walking into Sierra Orthopedic in Fresno with my gal, I heard a familiar voice from afar. Wheeling toward me with the help of his brother and his own gal at his side, Maderan Ardis Williams was all smiles as we talked old times before heading to our respective bone examiners. Though we never faced each other on the diamond it seems Ardis was also done in by his early days of softball and sports as was yours truly.

+ + +

There’s a lot of sneaky snakes down in Florida. No, not the politicians. Now I like snakes just about as much as you, but down in the Everglades things have gotten a little out of hand. Seems when pythons and boas can no longer be handled because of their size the owners just release them. A plethora of pythons, having been set loose by owners, are having a feast on the raccoons, possums, bobcats and other swamp creatures. Scientists fear they may upset the food chain or the ecosystem of the Everglades...


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