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Farm-labor shortage solution

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webmaster | 03/19/13

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  • A woman read an “article in today’s paper that said ‘Farms facing labor shortage.’ I have a solution. Get all the able-bodied men that are sitting around collecting welfare, put them out there. It’s a job, just like any other job, and they are not too good for it. Back in the early 1970s we got welfare for about three months, and they wanted to put my husband out there to pick grapes. It is not demeaning work. It is good honest labor.”
  • A man wanted to know “who is to blame for that silly, rotating schedule at Madera High. It is sure not helping softball. They are losing too many hours of practice and it will cause kids to lose chances for scholarships. But what do you expect from a school whose top administration does not live in Madera? Nor do they bring their children here to attend school. What does that say? My granddaughters deserve better.”
  • A lady gave her name then said “about a Bill Coate article. My brother was killed so many years ago in Madera. It was a drug deal. The guy got away with it. Why do you guys keep putting it in the paper? I need to know why you need to keep reminding us of this. He was shot Aug. 13 and the guy who shot him was caught in Washington with the gun that shot my brother and he got away with murder. Why do you keep opening old wounds?”
  • A man called about the youth basketball program “at the Youth Center. Yes, we need to quit blaming everybody, but it’s hard not to blame when the coordinators over there don’t step up and do their job and not allow travel players to play on the same team. It will continue to happen until they don’t allow that anymore because they are afraid of losing a coach."
  • “Hurray, for the lady that called last time about (school board trustee) Lynn Cogdill,” said a woman. “It’s about time people started seeing this man for what he is. I attend school board meetings regularly and Mr. Cogdill’s conduct is embarrassing. Several times he has engaged in shameful and unprofessional exchanges with other board members. He has turned the board meetings into an episode of the ‘Jerry Springer Show’.”
  • “We are so happy,” began a woman. “We have a new pope, Pope Francis, and we believe he will bring the church back to the church, everybody reunited. I want to thank Mr. Spencer and Sister Anna Rosala at St. Joachim Church and School for teaching our children and letting them see the new pope being elected. You should have seen their eyes light up. St. Joachim is such a great school.”
  • A young voice suggested “the teachers go on strike on Friday and Monday so the kids will have a four-day weekend.”
  • A woman “wanted to know if you guys had Saturday’s newspaper. (Note: for back issues of the paper call the office at 674-2424)

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