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Explanation of Obamacare’s problems

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webmaster | 10/26/13

Although I haven’t even tried to fill out an Obamacare website application for health insurance (I already have health insurance, thank you very much) I would imagine the problems people are encountering are the result of one thing: People who write websites just don’t know when to stop.

Here’s an example: Instead of just asking you what your name, phone number and Social Security number are, they also want to know what color your first bicycle was. Tell me: Why would they have to know that?

It is a security question, some might say, but give me a break. What if you can’t remember the color of your first bicycle? Are you supposed to make up a color if you can’t remember the real one? Let’s say you do make up a color, and a little later you are asked that question again, and you take a guess at what color you made up, and you get it wrong. Will some toughs from the U.S. Department Health and Human Services come to see you and work you over?

I think the only reason that question was put on the application form was that the code-slinger, as people who write such applications are called, did it as a joke.

They do things like that to give them a chuckle when you try to do such things as sign up for a new email account. They ask questions such as, “What was your mother’s favorite color of lipstick?” You can’t just say red, of course. You have to know which shade of red. And if your mom didn’t wear lipstick, how do you handle that?

If you want to buy a pair of pants online, they’ll ask you what your inseam is. If you don’t remember, you run the risk of winding up with trousers that ride above your ankles or are so long you walk on them. I challenge you to try to measure your own inseam. It’s almost as difficult as signing up for Obamacare.


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